I want to love…
I mean feel that REAL love

I need that
wake up early in your arms
kind of love
or maybe a
feel your heart beat against my cheek
kind of love
I want that
work all day rub your feet
kind of love

I can even deal with that
falling in after leaving the toilet seat up
kind of love
I could really get into the
late night trip to the ice cream isle
kind of love
especially that
baby don’t worry I got your back
kind of love
What you know about that
damn boy you blow my mind
kind of love
or that
I’ve loved you from the moment we met
kind of love
Damn it would be nice to feel that
winter and spring kind of love
midnight stroll on the beach with champagne
kind of love
I can get with that
ooh baby your love tastes like cotton candy
kind of love
and that
I just gotta make you my wife kind of love
Yes I want to love….
I mean really really love
But for now
I’ll be happy with that
all by myself
kind of love

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