Color Blind

This is the second piece from the “I feel like writing” Facebook post. I posted a few weeks ago and asked some of my FB family for topics to write about. I originally wanted to write just one piece but after getting about twenty different requests…I decided to try and honor all of them. The request to write about color was a tricky one. I had to ask….Color as in race? The response was one that I dreaded and she said color as in “primary”, “secondary”. OH MY GOODNESS…What the heck was I going to come up with pertaining to red, green blue…etc. So I decided to put a little twist on it. I hope my Facebook friend Tennille Rainey approves.

Born from the cool blue waters that
     contained me in my mother’s womb
Tears bring release from the torturous
     blows of your hatred for me.
Questions of why why why fill my cup
     and it runneth over.
But surely no goodness follows,
Only pain and sorrow from the
     endless nights of despair.
My heart crumbles like the dry leaves
     of a rose no longer green.
Like the one who cannot distinguish,
My vision of you is distorted.
I try to prove that I’m no different.
My veins also spew red.
Yet with all of your loathing,
I still remain