Loving You to Death
This is the first piece from the “I feel like writing” Facebook post. I posted a few weeks ago and asked some of my FB family for topics to write about. I originally wanted to write just one piece but after getting about twenty different requests…I decided to try and honor all of them. One person suggested that I write about “The love you give as a parent and the love you receive as a parent”. That was a pretty easy one. It would be all happy and full of joy. Then I was reading an article that described something totally different. What about the other side? What if the love you give as a parent isn’t reciprocated. What if it is totally opposite of what we feel as if a child’s love should be. So Angel Lewis-Lester. Here is your topic.


If I died tonight…
It really wouldn’t matter
because even then, 
I would still feel the thrust of those words….
“I hate you! You’re a horrible parent!”
But it pains me more to continue to hear it in my waking.
Though the depth of my love cannot be measured
it exceeds life itself.
But yours seems to fade to shallow
So from the banks of heartbreak and disappointment
I scrape my tattered heart from the marsh
and lightly place it back into the bosem
where you once laid your head.
I steady the shuddering hand 
that once held yours to cross the street…
and with my eyes wrapped with tears
I pull