i can’t breath
the noise in my heart suffocates my mind
and it wanders off to a place of lonliness
and life is meaningless because
i can’t love
my heart is hardened
like candy on an apple, sweet but tasteless
getting stuck in the crevices causing aches and pain
i can’t dream
the ring of the telephone
sends waves of anxiety throughout my soul
and a comforted eye is just an illusion
and now i can’t live
i know his tragedies are not my own
and yet they are…
because karma comes from the sins of the mother
and God knows my crops are plentiful
no…i can’t live
because who wants to bear the burdens of another
when the time should be spent sipping coffee
and watching the birds dance from limb to limb
oh God I can’t dream
because the depth of the darkness
is not enough to hide the ugliness that occupies my REM
so i lie in wake staring into a ceiling of emptiness
hoping that morning will come soon
allowing me to love…live…dream
i’m broken and battered
confused and bitter
i can’t breath…
i can’t breath…