Shoes in My Closet

I hate my closet! Nothing is in its right place, it’s so chaotic. Huge collections of crap that don’t mean anything just occupy each corner. I really should clean it out but sometimes it’s hard to part with things. Who knows, I might need something one day only to find that I’ve cast it out into the trash or given it away to someone that really doesn’t deserve it. I find every excuse as to why I should keep something and even bigger excuses as to why I can’t throw it out. When Dawn showed up to help me sort through the madness, she found me sitting in the middle of the floor. I had no idea where to start, but I knew I had to get rid of stuff.

Dawn stood by my side for a moment and finally said, “You have too many shoes!”
“What?” I asked confused.
“You have too many freaking shoes! Look at this, you have boxes stacked n top of each other and I’ll bet you haven’t worn some of them this year.”
As I took a look, I realized she was right. I had to do something or else I would forever be in a confused and chaotic state.

Shoes in my Closet

I just love shoes… don’t you?

Once you start trying on shoes

It’s really hard to stop.

Sandals, stilettos, loafers, boots

Even sneakers…yes…high tops.

I bought my first pair of shoes

When I was about twenty-three.

I only kept them for a little while

The fit just wasn’t right for me.

My friend and I shared a pair once

But she said they were the worst.

She didn’t enjoy wearing them

Because I had worn them first.

I just love shoes… don’t you?

I found a pair of wedges once

At a little boutique down by the tracks.

But the owner called furious one day

Demanding I give them back.

Not sure how she found me

But I was angry and told her such.

I refused to give them back to her

Because I loved them way too much

See those shoes were like no other,

Perfect for me in every way.

And if I had my choice of things

I would wear them all night and all day.

I just love shoes…don’t you?

My closet has been full of beautiful shoes

A few I’ve kept for a while.

Some are still very comfortable and hip

While others have gone out of style.

I look at my shoes from time to time

Sitting nicely on my shelf.

Friends say, “Girl, you have way too many shoes”

“You should be ashamed of yourself.”

So I’ve refrained from shopping lately

Because I’ve found some that are very rare

The perfect fit, size, color and style


I think I’ll keep this pair.

I just love shoes…don’t you?