Over and Done

“What happened for you to take your love from me?” This was the first sentence of the many letters that I had attempted to write. It had been years but I still needed an answer. What, when and why were all still running through my mind. Although our friendship was still in place today, our commitment to love had diminished long before. Perhaps there never was a commitment…except in my mind. I’ve always wondered. One minute I felt his kisses…I blinked and then he was gone. There has been no one since. No one that captured my heart the way he did. I’m not sure if it has been that way because I was still in love with him or if I was simply afraid to move on because I perhaps did something to push him away. If it was the latter, I didn’t want to make that mistake again. Like I said…It’s been a long time but my mind still recalls that cool evening when I laid eyes on the most beautiful face I had ever seen. I’ve written this letter, what seems like a thousand times only to destroy it and dismiss the questions. but today, I face my fear and accept whatever answer I might receive.

Clothed in Your Love

I’m not concerned with how long you stayed

because ever after lives happily in me.

My heart has been adorned with

your benevolence and your gentleness.

The memories are mine

to recall as I choose.

It doesn’t matter how many times you made me laugh.

Your joy has been engraved

in each fold of my body,

and the warmth of your smile

layers my soul.

It matters not, how often I felt

the brush of your skin.

The reality of you clothes my mind,

and those memories are mine

to recall as I choose.

 No, I am not concerned

with how long you stayed

because your presence is still

powerful and strong,

and I’m grateful because

it is your love that I have worn.